Sermon outlines are like trees…

…They grow from a powerful root, have a strong trunk, and have branches with beautiful leaves.

sermon outlinesWe believe these traits can be seen in effective sermon outlines. It has its root in God’s word, a strong main idea, additional points that give support, and illustrations that make the points “beautiful.”

Strong trees can take years to develop, but as preachers, we don’t have that kind of time for sermon outlines development! In fact, it seems the preacher’s time is always slipping away. No matter how far along we  are on our sermons, unexpected events often interfere with our preparations. And sometimes we simply need fresh ideas and an outside perspective to ignite the creative process.

Sermon Tree was created to help with these challenges.

Sermon Tree is a preacher’s resource journal bringing you new sermon outlines, illustrations, devotional ideas, humor, and poetry to keep your  preaching and evangelism fresh!

Each month, Sermon Tree will bring you 8-10 sermon outlines with supporting material such as illustrations and song suggestions, enough to help you develop a whole month of lessons. You will also find 4-5 Wednesday night devotional ideas.

Subscribers will have access to a new journal every month in Portable Document Format (PDF). Additionally, subscribers will be able to unlock bonus material on this website for additional preaching resources.

Our intent with Sermon Tree is to provide working preachers and teachers with resources and aids to make them even more effective for the Lord. If you like what you see in this sample version of Sermon Tree, please consider a subscription for a whole year’s worth of preaching helps in a downloadable electronic format.

Make your ministry stronger than you ever thought possible with with sermon tools and aids from!

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